Anxiety is a feeling of discomfort that can come with anticipating the future in times of uncertainty and big changes. […]
Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep, or yogic dreaming is the most popular, easy, and enjoyable relaxation meditation! It’s usually done […]
With the COVID-19 outbreak dominating the news, many people are stressed about the possibility of contracting the virus. Unfortunately, the […]
Meditative practices weren’t invented as medical treatments but, rather, as spiritual practices. However, over the years, it’s been discovered that […]
Stress has a bad reputation, but the stress response can save one’s life. Say you step out into the street […]
To the average person, yoga consists of a series of poses that stretch the muscles and strengthen the core.  In […]
Relationships can be both one’s greatest source of happiness and one’s greatest source of stress.  Here are a few practices […]
Author: Bernie Gourley Breathing is one of the body’s few semi-autonomous activities. That means that (like blinking, coughing, and swallowing) […]