Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep, or yogic dreaming is the most popular, easy, and enjoyable relaxation meditation! It’s usually done lying down, but you can also do it sitting in an easy chair. Yoga Nidra is very easy and enjoyable. You may have learned meditation before and found it difficult, especially dealing with a wandering mind, so eventually you stop doing your meditation even though you know it’s very good for you. Your Nidra is so enjoyable that you look forward to doing it and the steps help you learn how to harness and focus the mind.  Especially in this time of Coronavirus, some of us have to work much harder and longer hours with less time to rest and sleep. Yoga Nidra gives us the refreshment of a good sleep in as little as 15 minutes. It helps us let go of all the tensions, and helps us relax on a very deep level, refresh and energize. It makes us feel like we are waking up after a deep sleep.  Some of us are so highly stressed because of deadlines and expectations and commitments. Doing Yoga Nidra we switch the mind off from the usual worries, giving ourselves a […]
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